Lately I realised that I learned most of my English while watching tv series.

Do you know any nice French tv series, that could help me learn French?


Mean Girls was released in US Cinemas 10 years ago today

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All-time favorite PandR scene.

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when you unintentionally insult someone


omg. That new Lana del Rey song sounds like “You are the music in me” form High School Musical 2.


Rihanna and Eminem hugging at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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- Her finding out that she’s witch 

- Her finding friends after being bullied whole life 

-Her working out Basikisk on her own, but getting petrified

-Whole 3rd book, SHE WAS TIME TRAVELLING, hitting Malfoy etc. etc. 

- Her friendship with Ginny, Ginny knew so much more than boys, probably much more than book says

- Her being simply brilliant

-Her fighting Magic World racism

-Those books would be so awesome


don’t lie we all do this with our friends when we see someone attractive

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Rihanna and Drake at a basketball game in Los Angeles.